Friday, 3 October 2008

The Beach Hut - thoughts of Summer

Can't wait any longer to blog this! It was made for a mystery swap on Crafting Corner - the recipient never guessed who made it so time to 'fess up! The base is made from a tray that had embellishments in and the doors from balsa wood which were painted with thin white acrylic paint to give a sea-side feel, then edged with dyed string, brads for the door knobs and a rub-on. Various bits and bobs used to fill the "shelves" with summery images. I really enjoyed making this.............hope you like it!


Tessmatt said...

I did wonder if it was you Julia, I thought it was either you or Patsy. I think it is fabulous and such a lot of fun too. You certainly know my interests too.

sam21ski said...

This looks stunning Ju, buthow bis is it in real life, it looks huge!!!

ju said...

No Sam - its only about 8ins high !