Monday, 1 March 2010

March Variety swap

This is the challenge for the March Variety swap on Crafting Corner! Decorate/alter two pencils anyway you choose!
For the first one I used some collaged paper with postage stamp images, soaked it in pva glue then applied to the pencil and when dry put on a thin coat of 3D glaze to seal and added some butterflies onto some wire to adorn the top. The second is encusted with tiny beads and glitter, again stuck on with pva and the glazed with 3D glaze and some fibres added to the top.


Claireabelle said...

These are fab Ju!

carian said...

Yay!fab pencils, would brighten up any desk. xx

crafty creations said...

Fantastic Ju - love em both

x Hilda

Mags said...

These are lovely, look wonderful on any desk.